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These are the standard features in the free version of Scoold. Everything here is included in Scoold Pro as well.

Full featured Q&A platform

Scoold is inspired by Stack Overflow and implements most of its features. You can ask and answer questions, upvote and downvote posts, earn badges and reputation. Each edit creates an new revision, making it easy to follow the history of edits.

Ready for cloud deployment

Scoold is optimized for the cloud. You can simply click one of the 'Deploy to ...' buttons below and get up-and-running in minutes. You can also deploy it to your private cloud infrastructure.

Full-text search

Each post is indexed and analyzed by Para and Elasticsearch — a powerful search engine. You can search for users, questions and answers from the search bar on top.

Geolocation filtering of posts

Questions can be associated with a specific location and then filtered based on that location. This feature enables geolocation queries an gives you the option to search for questions around you.

Reputation, badges and custom badges

Scoold has a simple but effective reputation system with badges. People are awarded reputation points for good questions and answers, as well as various badges for their achievements on the site. You can also create your own custom badges.

Classic, lightweight frontend

We kept things simple on the frontend, that's why we chose to use jQuery, the trusted JavaScript library. It takes care of AJAX requests and toggles elements on the screen, nothing more.

Similar posts suggestions

When you ask a new question, Scoold will give you hints if a similar question already exist. Additionally, on each question page there's a sidebar with suggestions for the top 10 similar posts.

LDAP authentication support

Scoold is enterprise-friendly and supports LDAP and Active Directory so it's great for intranet deployments behind corporate firewalls. Scoold users can seamlessly authenticate with your company's LDAP server or Active Directory for a pleasant single sign-on experience.

Email notifications

You can subscribe to each question thread by clicking the checkbox at the bottom. Scoold will send you emails whenever a new answer is published. Also you can subscribe to replies to your own answers from the settings page.

Modern and responsive layout

The frontend code is powered by Materialize CSS — a framework based on Google's Material Design Lite. It's responsive and beautiful. Icons are from FontAwesome.

Social login & 2FA

People can log in quickly without a registration using one of their social identity providers. Plain-old email-and-password logins are also supported. For optimal security, users can enable two-factor authentication using a one-time code generator like Google Authenticator.


Pages are rendered on the server, just like in the good old days, making them easily crawlable by search engines. Page URLs are pretty tidy, too.

I18n with RTL support

The whole website is easily translatable into other languages. Right-to-left languages are also supported and the layout is mirrored if an RTL language is detected.

Spaces (Teams)

Spaces are a way to organize users and questions into isolated groups. You can edit users' spaces in bulk and also move a question to a different space. Permission to access a space is given by an administrator.

Syntax highlighting

All code snippets in posts are syntax highlighted. GitHub flavoured Markdown is supported, along with tables, task lists and strikethrough. Oh, and you can use emojis too!


Administrators can create webhooks to external services for all mutating events in Para (create, update, delete). The payloads are signed with HMAC-SHA256.

Backup & Restore

Administrators can easily export all the data from Scoold as a zipped archive. The exported data can later be imported into another Scoold instance.


Scoold has a fully-fledged RESTful JSON API defined with OpenAPI 3.0. All CRUD operations can be executed through the API from any programming language.

Themes & dark mode

Quickly change the look and feel of your site by switching to one of the bundled themes or create your own. There's also a dark theme for those who work in a dimly lit room.

Full SSL and mTLS support

Secure all connections to Scoold with HTTPS by using your own SSL certificate without the need for a proxy. Tighten security with mutual authentication between a proxy, Scoold and Para (mTLS).

Import from Stack Overflow

Migrating from Stack Overflow for Teams to Scoold is effortless and seamless. Simply download your data from Stack Overflow and import it into Scoold.

Zapier integration

Zapier makes it easy to integrate Scoold with thousands of other applications. Thanks to the power of REST hooks, you can have questions created automatically based on data from an external app or configure Scoold to notify other apps when a new question is posted.

Akismet integration

With automatic anti-spam protection powered by Akismet’s advanced AI filters, Scoold gives you a peace of mind. Spam can be deleted instantly if detected or you can choose to leave it to moderators for review.

Premium Features

These features are only available in Scoold Pro.


Mention anyone in your posts with @Name. Administrators can turn on an mention notifications for all users or have each user decide if they want to opt-in. Mentions make discussions better by allowing you to engage the right people.

SAML support

Enterprise users can login with SAML (Single Sign-On). This makes it super easy for organizations to integrate Scoold into their existing infrastructure.

File uploads

Easily attach images and documents to posts. Files can either be uploaded to the local file system or to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3 or Imgur.

Unlimited spaces

Spaces are normally limited to 10, but in PRO this limit goes away. You can assign a space to each team or department in your organization.

Multiple admins

You are no longer limited to a single admin user. Administrators can also promote anyone to become an admin or a moderator.

Multiple identity domains

You can specify all your company domains in the configuration and restrict new registrations to users with emails only from those whitelisted domains.

Advanced highlighting

The syntax highlighting of code snippets is enhanced and supports additional languages like LaTeX, Velocity, WebAssembly, JSX/TSX and PL/SQL. MathJax integration is also available.

Anonymous posts

This can either be enabled or disabled. When enabled, anybody will be able to ask a question or submit an answer. This lowers the barrier for new users and increases engagement.

Security notifications

Administrators and moderators will receive an email when a new report comes in. Admin users can also receive an email report each time the Content Security Policy (CSP) gets violated.

Account suspension

Administrators and moderators can suspend user accounts for a period of time or ban misbehaving users permanently.

SCIM 2.0 support

Manage all Scoold users centrally with SCIM — quickly provision and deprovision accounts from your identity platform of choice.

Wiki-style answers

Make your answers editable by everyone by checking the "wiki" checkbox. This is useful if you want to allow everyone to contribute to the knowledge around a question, regardless of their reputation points.

Email digest

Administrators can turn on an email digest for all users or have each user decide if they want to opt-in. And email digest contains a summary of the top questions published recently on Scoold. This can increase engagement and stimulate users to come back to the site.

Sticky / Favorite posts

Questions marked as "sticky" will always appear on top, before all the others. You can also mark your favorite questions with and they'll be saved to your profile.

Custom authentication

Redirect users to your company's login page for a custom single sign-on experience. Virtually any external authentication provider can be made to work with Scoold in this way.

Slack, Mattermost & Teams integration

Create questions and answers from Slack, Mattermost or Microsoft Teams, get real-time in-channel notification of new posts and mentions, approve posts and perform searches. Scoold can map your teams and chat channels to spaces. Logging in with Slack/Mattermost/Teams is also supported.




Scoold Cloud

The official Scoold Pro hosting. Deploy Scoold Pro in minutes without worrying about maintenance and scaling.


$ docker run erudikaltd/scoold:1.61.0
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Scoold Demo Scoold Pro Demo

Only the Scoold Pro demo has a publicly available access to the admin account.



What is Scoold PRO and how is it different than Scoold?

Scoold is an open source project, available to everyone without restriction. Scoold PRO is not free and it is closed source. PRO includes all Scoold features and also has many premium features.

What does a Scoold PRO license allow me to do?

Buying a Scoold PRO license allows you to deploy one instance of Scoold Pro on one host machine (VM, container, K8s pod, etc.) and receive new releases and fixes for a period of 1 year. The license has 3 tiers - Pro basic, Pro with source, Pro unlimited. With the basic license you get the Scoold Pro binary files. The "Pro with source" license gives you the binaries and the complete source code for Scoold Pro (in a private Git repo). For larger organizations and resellers, there's the unlimited license which gives you the source code, binaries and permission to run Scoold Pro on an unlimited number of production hosts. This is ideal for resellers or organisations with larger deployments.

Is the source code included with Scoold PRO?

The source code is only available with the "Pro with source" and "Pro unlimited" license tiers. Get in touch with us for more details.

Can I self-host Scoold PRO and Para on my own servers?

Yes. You can either host Para on your servers or connect to — the fully managed Para service.

How can I get support and where can I report bugs?

You can get support by email or on Gitter. All issues related to Scoold Pro should be reported on its GitHub page.

Can I get a refund?

No, all sales are final.

Do I get charged immediately?

Yes, we'll charge your card right after you go through the checkout page.

Do you offer customization & deployment services?

Yes. Learn more about premium support on our website.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Payments are handled by Braintree. We also accept bank transfers and offer VAT invoices upon request.

More questions?

Just email us or chat with us on Gitter and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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